Who are We?

Who are We? Well, that’s a rather long story…

We are part of a larger Non Governmental Organization, who over the years has grown to encompass many programs related in one way or another to Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom. As we at “Neighbors Helping Neighbors, a program of GTKYF Foundation Inc” continue to show those in need compassion by helping with their immediate physical needs we see how it effects the community and society as a whole. The ripple effect of providing hope in a truly hopeless world is greater than anyone of us could do on our own.

Many that we help have no options, but to suffer with the way things are. Often at no fault of their own. Our services are provided on a needs basis. In other words the greater the need the more we work to assist. Not turning away from disasters that many others say “there is no hope”, is one of our specialties. When others say it can’t be done, or that there is just no way… We are there for those people. We strive to help those who have no other way. Often helping families return to a home that was destroyed by a disaster. To helping the person with disabilities access their house and make it a home for them. To repairing the plumbing for a family, so that they can live in a safe and sanitary environment. Or repairing the only vehicle that they have to get them to that job or doctors appointments. We want to stand in the gap, and help those who are falling through our societies cracks.

Now, you say “why donate? what do you actually do with the funds raised?” Well, unlike a lot of the major relief groups out there, our leadership doesn’t make six figures. Over 90 cents of every dollar raised goes to actually helping those who need it most. From buying materials, to paying for permits, to covering the water tap, so they have running water. None of our organizations vehicles are new. Our director wears thrift store cloths, doesn’t own jewelry, or most anything of significant value. Instead desiring to follow his calling and “give till it hurts” to make a difference in all those he meets lives. He has often said that when its his time, and he dies that he wants the check to the undertaker to bounce, because he gave it all away. Often times you can find him out on actual projects, swinging a hammer. Not sitting in an air conditioned office, behind a desk.

So, who would you rather support? A boots on the ground, lean organization that strives to make the biggest impact in peoples lives? or Nonprofits like the American Red Cross, where their CEO was paid $694,000 salary (as per USA TODAY)? Or worse yet donate to the Internal Revenue Service, where we all know goverment waste is crazy astounding. The Director of FEMA, aka Federal Emergency Management Agency, makes $169,367 (as per Glass Door). While that is better. The crazy nonsense they pull in disasters, and off the charts waste make that not a good place to support. Now, our Executive Director makes less than $12,000 a year. Yes, you read that right. Less than $1,000 a month for 100 plus hour weeks. All because he desires to do what he is called to do, and want to see as many people as possibly helped. So, who are you going to support in the efforts to provide viable relief to those in need? The one who lost everything in the disaster, and FEMA and the Red Cross have yet to actually lend a hand?