Here are some of the active projects we are involved in at “Neighbors Helping Neighbors, a GTKYF Foundation Inc Program:”

  • Dekalb, MS:
    • Assistance with the construction of a facility for the children of those who are incarcerated.
      • Materials currently needed:
        • Metal roofing,
        • kitchen and bathroom
        • decking
        • exterior windows and doors
        • gravel
        • concrete blocks
      • Volunteers construction help needed:
  • Hackberry, LA:
    • “The Hackberry Relief Project”; We are providing boots on the ground assistance with putting this community back together from the devastating damages caused by hurricane Laura and hurricane delta. We were on the ground here right after Laura hit in September 2020. And we are back for a bigger and better round two. Bringing hope to the rural communities of south west Louisiana.
      • There are too many materials need to list. Basically if its building materials we need them.
      • We need a ton more volunteers to get this done and get these people back in homes before this next hurricane season hits.
      • Make sure and visit the website for this project here and get up to date information on the sites, and whats needed.

While these are the major projects we are currently involved in, we do many smaller projects all the time.

We will be posting some of our historical projects as we get time as well.

So, check back often.